Bon Bini Cargo provides you with expert customs documentation and all transactions with Customs, concerning the entry and admissibility of merchandise.

This includes classification and valuation, duties payment, taxes, or other charges assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise by reason of its importation…or any refund, rebate, or drawback.

Furthermore, we can handle your clearance for both imported and exported freight. With our expertise, your company can avoid any unnecessary delays or penalties.

Because we attend to all your needs in a professional manner, you will save valuable time and help reduce costs. Contact us today!

Important note

To ensure your cargo is exported in a timely manner, please provide the following information:

Tracking numbers for all shipments

Shipping address must show your name or business name like below:
BUSINESS/ NAME – Country of Final Destination
c/o Cargo International Consolidators Inc.
1951 NW 89th Place
Miami, Florida 33172

If several different orders are placed we need the tracking number for each one of the items shipped separately.